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Jakin srl

La Jakin nasce nel 1992.

Da marzo 2013 entra a far parte del  gruppo Digital Engineering

È specializzata in Data Management, Business Intelligence, Controllo di Gestione, Formazione.

Aree di Competenza

  • Progettazione basi dati e DWH
  • Soluzioni OLAP
  • Processi ETL
  • DB Performance & Tuning
  • Progetti e soluzioni di BI
  • KPI, analitiche e cruscotti, DSS, cluster e set


  • Jakin fa formazione da più di venti anni. Tutti i docenti sono certificati ed esperti sulle materie trattate e sulle metodologie di insegnamento
  • Jakin è centro di formazione e certificazione EXIN
  • Oltre ai corsi EXIN offre un vasto catalogo di corsi sulle seguenti aree: Business Intelligence, Project Management, Service & Security Management, Office Automation, Management, Software Development, Virtualization

Controllo di gestione

Il controllo di gestione consiste nel capire velocemente la redditività dell’azienda.
I prodotti attualmente in commercio non facilitano la definizione di una strategia, la sua realizzazione e la verifica dei risultati in base agli obiettivi strategici definiti.
La soluzione Controllo di Gestione Jakin viene utilizzata oggi con successo in aziende, tra le quali Invitalia (anche per adeguarsi al decreto legislativo dell’8 giugno 2001 n. 231 *).

*Il decreto sancisce la responsabilità diretta dell’impresa per determinati reati commessi da amministratori o dipendenti nell’esercizio delle loro funzioni.

Available qualification programs

EXIN Information Security Management ISO/IEC 27001

The EXIN Information Security Management (based on ISO/IEC 27001) certification program is designed to instill a security-conscious mindset at for employees every level within IT organizations. Each of the exams includes practical skills for handling confidential information. Professionals benefit from learning the essentials of managing in-house security policies from set up to implementation and monitoring. EXIN Information Security qualifications are based on the international standard ISO/IEC 27001.

Please note that as of the 1st of October 2017, a number of changes were implemented in the Information Security program. For more details please click here.

EXIN Cloud Computing

The EXIN Cloud Computing program looks at the way IT-related services are provided via the internet. The creation of this modern, digital utility has led to a wide array of roles needing at least basic Cloud knowledge. Issues of scalability, agility and security are covered within the context of Cloud Computing. The exam materials have been created in collaboration with experts in the Cloud industry.

EXIN Agile Scrum

EXIN Agile Scrum is the world’s first certification program to combine Agile service management with the Scrum process framework. Scrum is being used by over 70% of Agile teams* which makes this an ideal combination. The advantages of using Agile include increased productivity, improved visibility and being better able to deal with changing priorities. These benefits have led to it being adopted across a wide range of disciplines and organizations and not just in software development.

*The 10th Annual State of Agile report

EXIN Secure Programming

EXIN Secure Programming offers the knowledge required for programmers to make use of secure programming practices. This is essential in the prevention of cybercrime and data leaks. The certification program ensures that they are able to build secure software through the understanding of security threats and the necessary counter measures. The content of the Secure Programming certification is related to the Framework Secure Software.

Lean IT

By applying principles borrowed from lean manufacturing the IT industry has embraced a new way of working. This lean method focuses on reducing waste through the elimination of work that adds no value to a service or product. Lean IT aims to instill a continuous improvement mindset within organizations. This is done striving to understand customer value, the processes that deliver that value and the needed attitude to achieve that value. The Lean IT certifications offered by EXIN have been developed by the Lean IT Association (LITA). This non-profit organization comprises 3 examination institutes (APMG, EXIN and PEOPLECERT) and 3 accredited training organizations (ITpreneurs, Pink Elephant and Quint Wellington Redwood).

EXIN Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is increasingly required as a preemptive measure to ensure malicious hackers are not successful in their efforts to access your systems. By simulating such attacks, organizations can analyze or identify weak spots and determine how they need to improve their security measures. EXIN’s Ethical Hacking certification program offers IT professionals the background knowledge around different approaches including web-based hacking, system penetration, and network sniffing. This program lays the groundwork for a thorough understanding of Ethical Hacking and its applications.