EXIN Cloud Computing Certifications.
What's coming next?

At EXIN, we strive to constantly uphold our quality and reliability standards to ensure we provide recognizable and verifiable achievements. One of the methods which we use to achieve this aim is to regularly review, refresh, and update our Digital Skills portfolio to enable you to offer the most job-relevant and up-to-date training courses for your candidates.

With this in mind, we have some exciting plans for EXIN Cloud Computing! Learn more about what we're up to below.

What's happening?

According to a recent survey by Foundry 80% of EMEA organizations are defaulting to cloud-based services when upgrading or purchasing new technical capabilities

At EXIN, we're on hand to address the continued high demand for Cloud Computing and maximize the relevance of our certifications to ensure they are in-line with market needs.

New to EXIN Cloud Computing? Discover how it can benefit your certification portfolio!

EXIN Cloud Computing, updated for what's next

Vendor neutral

Since EXIN Cloud Foundation's previous update, we have provided a solid basis to provide vendor-neutral knowledge of cloud computing. Candidates receive an excellent baseline of Cloud principles.

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Boost your offerings with EXIN career paths

We create job role specific career paths that tie together our certifications, offering you the chance to maximize your training value to your candidates.

We're proud to say, our Certified Integrator in Secure Cloud Services was named a Top 5 Vendor-Neutral Cloud Security Certification!

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Coming soon, Big Data!

To further boost our portfolio, EXIN will be developing a new certification in the data domain, launching in 2023. Stay tuned!

Upcoming: the Revised EXIN Cloud Computing Portfolio


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