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EXIN BCS SIAM® Foundation Certification receives itSMF UK endorsement

itSMF UK has formally endorsed the new EXIN BCS SIAM® Foundation Certification. The qualification scheme, announced at the ITSM16 Conference last November and jointly managed by examination institutes EXIN, BCS and service management start-up Scopism, provides a new opportunity for professional development in a burgeoning area of service management.  ...

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As a trainer, I help you gain a deep understanding of what DevOps is. Then you can fulfill the role of a DevOps Master who facilitates, improves and leads their team.

Antonio Valle
Antonio Valle
G2, Gobierno y Gestión de TI
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Informatiebijeenkomst e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

17 Oct 2017
Op dinsdag 17 oktober a.s. organiseert NEN een informatiebijeenkomst over de Europese norm EN 16234-1 voor ‘e-Competence Framework’, kortweg e-CF.
Tijdens deze informatiebijeenkomst krijg je uitleg over het nut van e-CF en komen de volgende vragen aan de orde:
- Waarom is...

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