Wemanity NL

Korte vijverberg 2
2513AB Den Haag, Netherlands

Wemanity was founded in 2013 with a strong purpose: changing the world of work to make it more harmonious, responsible, and sustainable.

As a unique consulting group, we help organisations become customer-centric, flexible, and high-performing. To drive their end-to-end transformation, we gathered the best experts working efficiently as one team thanks to a shared culture, common ways of working, and our own library of assets.

Today, we are more than 450 cooperators across The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Morocco. Coupled with a strong international mindset, we are working with partners across 17 countries and 5 continents.

Our three core values are the embodiment of our culture: we advocate for a spirit of Ubuntu (humanity as a collective), customer love and agility by nature.

Joining Wemanity is being part of a diverse community of passionate people and experts, filled with key moments and events centred around sharing and self growth.

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