Is SIAM still relevant in today’s digital age? by Kevin Holland

SIAM in the digital age

Today’s world of IT moves very quickly. Technologies that were new just a few years previously are now seen as outdated.  IT is now used by the vast majority of the population. Using digital channels to make purchases is now the norm rather than the exception. Not so long ago you were pleased if a […]

What’s So Distinctive about SIAM?

And why does it matter? Dropping the words “Integration and” into the middle of “Service Management” to get “Service Integration and Management (SIAM)” might seem to entail a simple add-on, like adding “cheese” to “onion” or “lemon” to “lime”: Where you had one thing, now you have two. But in this case, the addition is […]

Collaboration Agreements – A key to the SIAM puzzle

SIAM collaboration agreement

Why Collaboration Agreements? Today most organizations have multiple IT service providers as their suppliers to cater to their singular or multiple IT needs. Typically, these providers operate in silos and, as a result, they contribute to lost or reduced focus on overall business service delivery. This, along with many other challenges specific to the multi-supplier […]

How to make SIAM easy! – Recorded Webinar

Make SIAM easy recorded webinar

The recent publication of both the SIAM Foundation and Professional Bodies of Knowledge has led to an increased interest in understanding on ‘how to do it’; the practical considerations for moving to a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) based model. In response to this increased interest, EXIN partnered with SIAM Lead Architects, Simon Dorst and […]

There is no ‘I’ in SIAM – by Simon Dorst

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a response to complex multi-sourced environments, essentially the incorporation of a service integrator, a logical entity held accountable for the end-to-end delivery of services and the business value that the customer receives. It sounds simple enough on paper, but the complexity of the ‘real world’ can make it challenging […]

5 things you are not considering when proposing SIAM to customers! – by Rakesh Kumar

The concept of Service Integration and Management has picked up over the last couple of years. While the customer views it as a remedy to all their supplier-related woes, the service providers find it an appropriate wrapper for their services. For them, it not only provides structure to their overall transition and delivery models but also […]

The 5 Best SIAM Articles of 2017

Many organizations are moving towards an environment where services are sourced from several service providers rather than just one. This phenomenon is called Service Integration and Management (SIAM). At EXIN, we know the importance of this approach and the skills you need to succeed with SIAM. These are the 5 best articles our experts wrote […]