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Instantly boost your productivity with Kanban certification. According to research by KPMG, 71% of surveyed project managers agreed that projects have increased in complexity in the last ten years*, creating uncertainty and volatility. KPMG concludes that teams need the right mix of skills to succeed. One skill you can add to your mix is Kanban, a timeless and simple system that can easily be integrated into popular task management tools, helping you gain a better overview of complex projects.


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What is Kanban?

Kanban is a signalling system you can use to create a flow of work. Kanban has transferred from manufacturing over to Agile and DevOps teams and beyond.

Kanban is made up of 3 central principles:

1. Visualise the workflow – identify work capacity, so you know your limits and can prove it to your organization. Resolve bottlenecks before they cause issues and reduce downtime. Identifying capacity is achieved with a (virtual) Kanban board.
2. Limit work in progress – define work limits and increase productivity as you work according to your team's capacity, aligning with what is possible.
3. Focus on Flow – Continuous flow, meaning that all actions must run through the system as evenly as possible, ensures that project tasks are always running smoothly, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

Why should I choose an EXIN Kanban certification?

For Candidates

✔ All EXIN exams are made to the highest quality standard. Created in collaboration with independent experts, ensuring your newly gained knowledge is recognized, relevant, and up to date.

✔ Gain an internationally recognized certification aligned with the European Competency Framework (e-CF) .

✔ EXIN Kanban certification boosts your career from the start. How exactly? EXIN Kanban ensures you are familiar with the concepts and acquire practical insights on taking advantage of Kanban metrics alongside popular tools such as Jira and Trello.

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For Training Organizations

✔ EXIN Kanban is transferrable across other subjects, such as Agile, and DevOps, giving you the opportunity to create unique training programs.

✔ Demand for Kanban training is increasing. According to the 16th State of Agile report, Kanban is the second most popular project management method used in Agile organizations.

✔ Gain access to our exclusive training preparation materials as an EXIN-accredited partner.

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For Companies

✔ With your team certified, every team member gains a shared understanding of Kanban. Productivity can increase via a mutual understanding of key concepts.

✔ Let your team study their way. Self-study, e-Learning, and training options are readily available with our network of 450+ partners.

✔ Our customer support teams are on-hand to support and guide you through the process to get your team EXIN Kanban certified.

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