Introducing Service Integration Manager

EXIN’s Newest Career Path Certification

Service management is an increasingly in-demand field reflected by the abundance of opportunities with attractive salaries. Such demand is created by the outsourcing of functions, including cloud computing, database & information management, IT processes, and marketing automation, among many others. Job titles that come to mind are service integrators, service delivery/integration managers, or service architects. Professionals who work within these roles must strike a balance between the flexibility of a multi-vendor environment and the stability of an integrated service approach.

In response to these trends, at the Service North 2021 Conference, EXIN announced its latest addition to its service management certification portfolio. EXIN Service Integration Manager is the latest Career Path certification for service management professionals – created in mind to address the knowledge and skills needed to plan, manage and implement seamless integration of services end-to-end. EXIN Service Integration Manager can be booked from today onwards, training organizations who are interested in getting accredited can get in contact with our support team.

What do I learn?

This Career Path certification involves gaining knowledge in modern approaches to Service Management (Based on EXIN SIAM™ Foundation or VeriSM™ Foundation). Additionally, to address the ‘everything as a service’ world we operate in, where cloud-based vendors are central to any multi-vendor approach, EXIN Cloud Foundation is included in the EXIN Service Integration Manager Career Path. EXIN SIAM™ Professional is the final, advanced-level certification that gives candidates an in-depth, practical understanding of all the important aspects of Service Integration and Management and how to apply these practices within an organization. As with all EXIN’s Career Path certifications, exemptions are available. You can find out more about this by viewing the exemption document.

How do I become an EXIN Service Integration Manager?

To become an EXIN Service Integration Manager, you would need to obtain all the required certifications, and you will automatically receive an EXIN Service Integration Manager badge. No further examination is required. If you already have one or more of the required certifications, you can simply undertake the other certifications at your own pace to become a Certified EXIN Service Integration Manager.

Are you interested in finding out more? Check out the Career Path page to view more information and the specific certifications you need to achieve it.