Why Should I Take a VeriSM Certification? A Personal Journey Towards Success

Embarking on a career in IT presents endless opportunities, but with these come many choices. Among the critical decisions you’ll face is determining which certifications to pursue. If you’ve wondered, “Why should I take a VeriSM certification?” this post aims to shed light on that. We’ll explore the inspiring journey of Bartosz Ciach, Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead at GN Group, and how VeriSM played a pivotal role in his professional growth.


Testimonial of Bartosz Ciach

A New Chapter, A New Challenge

This year has marked a significant chapter in Bartosz’s career, filled with rigorous challenges and exciting opportunities. The first twist of his journey came when he transitioned to a new job, joining GN Group, Denmark’s most prominent organization in the audio industry. For Bartosz, this was more than just a change of scenery. The company’s portfolio includes creating products that directly impact the lives of individuals with hearing impairments. Being part of such meaningful projects brought Bartosz immense pride, instilling a more profound sense of purpose in his work. This story of change is a testament to the courage it takes to step out of one’s comfort zone and embrace new professional challenges.

A Journey Towards Self-improvement

Beyond a career shift, Bartosz dedicated this year to nurturing his knowledge and skills in IT project management and cloud architecture. His fervor for personal growth stemmed from the supportive atmosphere cultivated by his team leaders and managers. These individuals recognized his potential and fuelled his ambition, continually challenging him to expand his professional horizons. In addition, Bartosz has been fortunate to receive guidance and mentorship from his brother, a seasoned marketer and businessperson. This mix of professional expertise and familial support formed a solid foundation for his continuous development, both personally and professionally.

Knowledge and Certification: Stepping Stones to Success

For Bartosz, acquiring knowledge is a central element of professional advancement. With a learner’s mindset, he sought to validate his understanding and skills through internationally recognized certifications. His relentless pursuit of professional growth led him to several noteworthy certifications, including the VeriSM™ Foundation and VeriSM™ Professional. These certifications complemented his existing skills, bolstering his professional credentials. He also attained the EXIN Digital Service Manager Transformation, EXIN Agile Service Manager, and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certifications. These qualifications attest to Bartosz’s unwavering commitment to building a well-rounded skill set, and his story exemplifies the transformative power of lifelong learning.


The VeriSM Advantage: All the Benefits of VeriSM

When asked about his experience with VeriSM, Bartosz spoke highly of its comprehensive approach to service management. “It focuses on a flexible approach to service management, considering the diversity of methodologies and practices.” He found that the wide-ranging nature of VeriSM allowed for a more inclusive and adaptive understanding of IT services management. This benefit was crucial in equipping him with the tools to handle complex projects and diverse teams.

The VeriSM certifications cover various concepts, from managing suppliers and client relations to risk management and business continuity. Bartosz is convinced that these certifications have substantially impacted his career, contributing significantly to the success of his projects. With VeriSM, Bartosz feels well-equipped to adapt IT services to the unique needs of his organization while also implementing strategic operations, design improvements, and various connected processes. This array of benefits demonstrates the potential of these certifications in enhancing career prospects and delivering real-world results.

Digital: The Present and The Future

Bartosz observes, “For service management professionals, digital is not the future – it is the present.” In an era where digital services are integral to business operations, staying relevant is critical. Even businesses dealing primarily with physical products have digital components, whether it’s their internal operations, customer service, or marketing efforts.

A VeriSM certification is more than just a badge of honor—it’s a passport to the future of digital service management. This credential equips professionals to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, ensuring they remain on the cutting edge of the industry. As Bartosz’s experience illustrates, embracing the digital realm is a necessity, not an option, for contemporary professionals.

Embrace the VeriSM Journey

In a rapidly changing world, he is staying relevant means constantly learning and adapting. Bartosz’s journey is a compelling narrative of what it takes to thrive in the IT industry. His proactive approach to learning and supportive professional network has propelled him to significant achievements in his career. His dedication to pursuing a series of certifications is a testament to his commitment to personal and professional growth.

Bartosz attributes much of his success to the support he’s received along his journey. From his ambitious managers and team leaders who nurtured his potential to his brother who guided him along his professional path, every individual has shaped his career.

Bartosz’s story underscores the value of the VeriSM certification in carving a successful career in IT. If you’ve asked yourself, “Why should I take a VeriSM certification?” the answer lies in its many benefits. From enhancing your understanding of IT services management to providing a competitive edge in the job market, VeriSM equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Are you ready to embark on your VeriSM journey? The path might be challenging, but as Bartosz’s story illustrates, the rewards are well worth the effort. So take that first step towards professional growth and success, just like Bartosz did, and let VeriSM guide you in this digital age. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!


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Investing in the Future with VeriSM and other certifications

In addition to the VeriSM certification, Bartosz has identified the EXIN Service Integration And Management (SIAM) Foundation and Professional certifications as stepping stones in his professional journey. His future-oriented mindset illustrates the importance of long-term planning and continuous learning in IT and other fast-evolving industries. The EXIN SIAM™ Professional certifications aim to hone IT professionals’ skills in managing suppliers, integrating services, achieving operational perfection, and effective risk management. The acquired knowledge is particularly beneficial for those seeking to manage a multiple-supplier environment while maintaining top-tier IT services.

As Bartosz observes, these certifications validate an individual’s knowledge and skills and demonstrate their commitment to continuous professional development. They are evidence of a professional’s readiness to embrace new challenges and adapt to changing trends, which is particularly valuable in an industry as dynamic as IT.

Additionally, Bartosz plans to delve into the realms of the EXIN Blockchain Foundation and Professional Scrum Master III by Scrum.org. His diverse interests highlight the importance of maintaining a broad perspective in IT. Specializing in a single area can lead to a deep, valuable understanding of that topic. However, having a wider field of knowledge is equally crucial, as this allows professionals to adapt to new challenges and understand how different areas of IT can interconnect and complement each other.

A Journey Worth Emulating

If you’re on the fence about pursuing a VeriSM certification or any other IT certification, take inspiration from Bartosz’s journey. His experiences underscore the value of these certifications in expanding your knowledge, enhancing your skills, and opening up new career opportunities. But beyond these tangible benefits, they also highlight the importance of continuous learning, passion, determination, and a supportive network in achieving professional success.

Bartosz’s journey is a testament to what one can achieve with dedication, foresight, and the proper certifications. His path to success, guided by his determination and enriched by VeriSM, EXIN, and other certifications, offers a blueprint for others navigating the dynamic landscape of the IT industry. Embark on your journey today, and remember, the best time to invest in your career is now. Success might not come overnight, but it will surely come with determination, passion, and the right learning path.

We immensely thank Bartosz for sharing his story. We highly recommend you check out his LinkedIn profile and connect with him if you want to pursue a career in Software Engineering or have any questions about becoming a thought leader in the digital space!