Digital Services – the Future of (IT) Service Management?

Three experts in the field discuss this viewpoint on how digital service management is making a difference

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JUL 28, 2022, UTRECHT – EXIN, an independent examination institute focusing on competencies required in the digital world, has gathered top IT service management experts to discuss how digital service management works from three different perspectives: Optimization (based on Lean & Six Sigma), Integration (Based on Service Integration & Management, SIAM™), and Transformation (based on VeriSM™). EXIN’s latest video is a deep dive into how digital service management positively impacts their work and life. This ties into EXIN’s belief that one size does not fit all and the importance of getting certified for what’s next.

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Remarking on the Optimization perspective, Dick Theisens, CEO of the Lean Six Sigma Academy, says: “The world is changing, and we have to change with it. Lean Transformation is a big part of that. But, you also need to keep in mind it’s not only about techniques and processes, but you also need to get people involved in continuous improvement”.

When it comes to Integration, Claire Agutter, Founder of Scopism, adds:
“We’ve seen so much change in the service management space. Everything points to the same goal: how we make this work for our customers. The value that comes from the integration perspective is that it gives people a path to follow who aspire to work in SIAM”.

Finally, when addressing Transformation, Johann Botha, EXIN Chief Examiner for Agile & Digital Transformation, comments:
“Service management is about being to provide good services in the digital age, and that requires organizations to change and behave differently. Organizations that don’t transform, will be left behind”.

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