[WATCH] From Personal Trainer to Amazon Data Associate

Discover how Bob Ehrencron transitioned to an IT career with EXIN Certification

In today’s fast-paced world, IT career pathways have never been in more demand as the world faces a skills shortage. But how does it work when you want to make a big career transition? We spoke to Bob Ehrencron, Data Associate at Amazon and former personal trainer who successfully transitioned into a thriving IT career, thanks to our certifications.

When the pandemic hit, Bob Ehrencron decided to reassess his career goals. While he was happy being a personal trainer, he was increasingly interested in the world of IT. He embarked on a new learning journey, and via his bachelor obtained EXIN Cloud Computing and Information Security Foundation (ISO27k). These essential skills he learned caught the eye of recruiters and led him to land his role at Amazon. Watch the full video below to discover his story, and top tips if you are considering the switch.

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