What is DevOps?

DevOps adoption has increased enormously over a short period of time. This emerging trend has a big impact on the way organizations handle their IT. DevOps is sometimes described as a flexible philosophy, not a standard or a framework with prescriptive processes. So, what is DevOps really?

DevOps is About Collaboration

At the 2008 Agile Toronto Conference, two IT specialists introduced the term “DevOps.” The word itself is a shortened compound of “development” and “operations.” It is all about the collaboration and communication of software developers and other IT professionals and enables the building, testing, and releasing of software more rapidly and reliably.

The DevOps movement advocates for automation and monitoring at all steps of software development. This philosophy applies from integration, testing, and releasing to deployment and infrastructure management.

3 Ways of DevOps

DevOps changes how individuals think about their work. In his book The Phoenix Project, researcher Gene Kim introduced three leading principles of the DevOps philosophy. These 3 Ways are now standards in DevOps thinking.

The First Way is called “Systems Thinking”’ It is about the performance of the entire system.  The Second Way is “Amplify Feedback Loops.” This is about constant feedback so that necessary corrections can continually be made. The Third Way is “Culture of Continual Experimentation and Learning.” This is a process in which developers and IT operators are continually learning.

EXIN DevOps Certification Program

Facebook, Netflix, and Etsy are successful companies that employ the DevOps method. Many other organizations are jumping on the DevOps bandwagon.

At EXIN, we are aware of the need to know more about the possibilities of DevOps. EXIN DevOps Master is meant for anyone working within a DevOps environment or looking to transition to DevOps. The program offers individuals career opportunities due to the growing DevOps market in which salaries for skilled professionals are high and rising.