e-Competences Areas E. MANAGE

The e-CF competency area MANAGE is one of the two overlapping competency areas that relate to the three core competency areas. MANAGE is all about daily business operations and improvement. It involves forecasting and managing quality, risk, processes, and much more.

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What Competencies are covered in MANAGE? ↓

E.1. Forecast Development

Level 3
Exploits skills to provide short-term forecasts using market inputs and assessing the organisation’s production and selling capabilities.

Level 4
Acts with wide-ranging accountability for the production of a long-term forecast. Understands the global marketplace, identifying and evaluating relevant inputs from the broader business, political and social context.

E.2. Project and Portfolio Management

Level 2
Understands and applies the principles of project management and applies methodologies, tools and processes to manage simple projects. Optimises costs and minimises waste.

Level 3
Accounts for own and others’ activities, working within the project boundary, making choices and giving instructions, optimising activities and resources. Manages and supervises relationships within the team; plans and establishes team objectives and outputs and documents results.

Level 4
Manages complex projects or programmes, including interaction with others. Influences project strategy by proposing new or alternative solutions and balancing effectiveness and efficiency. Is empowered to revise rules and choose standards. Takes overall responsibility for project outcomes, including finance and resource management and works beyond project boundary.

Level 5
Provides strategic leadership for extensive interrelated programmes of work to ensure that Information Technology is a change enabling agent and delivers benefit in line with overall business strategic aims. Applies extensive business and technological mastery to conceive and bring innovative ideas to fruition.

E.3. Risk Management

Level 2
Understands and applies the principles of risk management and investigates ICT solutions to mitigate identified risks.

Level 3
Decides on appropriate actions required to adapt security and address risk exposure. Evaluates, manages and ensures validation of exceptions; audits ICT processes and environment.

Level 4
Provides leadership to define and make applicable a policy for risk management by considering all the possible constraints, including technical, economic and political issues. Delegates assignments.

E.4. Relationship Management

Level 3
Manages simple multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary relationships.

Level 4
Provides leadership in complex multi- stakeholder relationships authorising investments when needed. Disseminates corporate awareness of the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach.

E.5. Process Improvement

Level 3
Exploits specialist knowledge to research existing ICT processes and solutions in order to define possible innovations. Makes recommendations with supporting evidence.

Level 4
Provides leadership and authorises implementation of innovations and improvements that will enhance competitiveness or efficiency. Demonstrates to senior management the business advantage of potential changes.

E.6. ICT Quality Management

Level 3
Communicates and monitors application of the organisation’s quality policy.

Level 4
Evaluates quality management indicators and processes based on ICT quality policy and proposes remedial action. Ensures data quality processes.

Level 5
Assesses and estimates the degree to which quality requirements have been met and provides leadership for quality policy implementation. Provides cross functional leadership for setting and exceeding quality standards.

E.7. Business Change Management

Level 3
Evaluates change requirements and exploits specialist skills to identify possible methods and standards that can be deployed.

Level 4
Provides leadership to plan, manage and implement significant ICT led business change.

Level 5
Motivates and inspires the organisation to champion change and optimize the benefits.

E.8. Information Security Management

Level 2
Systematically scans the environment to identify and define vulnerabilities and threats. Records and escalates non- compliance.

Level 3
Evaluates security management measures and indicators and decides if compliant to information security policy. Investigates and instigates remedial measures to address any security breaches.

Level 4
Provides leadership for the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data stored on information systems and complies with all legal requirements.

E.9. Information Systems Governance

Level 4
Provides leadership for IS governance strategy by communicating, propagating and controlling relevant processes across the entire ICT infrastructure.

Level 5
Defines and aligns the IS governance strategy incorporating it into the organisation’s corporate governance strategy. Adapts the IS governance strategy to take into account new significant events arising from legal economic, political, business, technological or environmental issues.

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