e-Competence Areas A. PLAN

The e-CF competency area PLAN is one of the three core competence areas. Here you conceive, design, and decide how your IT processes relate to the business processes. With this in mind, it involves relationship management to ensure what you are planning is aligned with business strategy.

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What Competences are covered in PLAN? ↓

A.1. Informations Systems

Level 4
Provides leadership for the construction and implementation of long term innovative IS solutions.

Level 5
Provides IS strategic leadership to reach consensus and commitment from the management team of the enterprise.

A.2. Service Level Management

Level 3
Ensures the content of the SLA.

Level 4
Negotiates revision of SLAs, in accordance with the overall objectives. Ensures the achievement of planned results.

A.3. Business Plan Development

Level 4
Provides leadership for the creation of an information system strategy that meets the requirements of the business (e.g. distributed and mobility-based) and includes risks and opportunities.

Level 5
Applies strategic thinking and organizational leadership to exploit the capability of Information Technology to improve or transform the business.

A.4. Product / Service Planning

Level 2
Systematically documents standard and simple elements of a product.

Level 3
Exploits specialist knowledge to create and maintain complex documents.

Level 4
Provides leadership and takes responsibility for, developing and maintaining overall plans.

A.5. Architecture Design

Level 1
Contributes to the design and general functional specification and interfaces.

Level 2
Organizes the overall planning of the design of the application.

Level 3
Accounts for own and others actions in ensuring that the application is correctly integrated within a complex environment and complies with user/customer needs.

A.6. Application Design

Level 3
Exploits specialist knowledge to define relevant ICT technology and specifications to be deployed in the construction of multiple ICT projects, applications, or infrastructure improvements.

Level 4
Acts with wide ranging accountability to define the strategy to implement ICT technology compliant with business need. Takes account of the current technology platform, obsolescent equipment and latest technological innovations.

Level 5
Provides strategic leadership for implementing the digital enterprise strategy. Applies strategic thinking to discover and recognise new patterns in data sets and new ICT systems, to achieve business benefits.

A.7. Technology Trend Monitoring

Level 3
Detects signs of change to provide supervision and analysis of current and trend-setting ICT technological developments. Establishes relationships with relevant communities.

Level 4
Validates new and emerging technologies, coupled with expert understanding of the business, to envision and articulate solutions for the future. Creates the organisation wide trend monitoring processes.

Level 5
Plans and leads an organisational structure and support system for systematic technology watch. Advises and influences strategic decisions envisioning and articulating future ICT solutions.

A.8. Sustainability Management

Level 3
Promotes awareness, training and commitment for the deployment of sustainable development and applies the necessary tools for implementing this approach.

Level 4
Defines the strategy of sustainable IS development and digital services. Provides input into the business strategy to ensure that sustainability is considered and incorporated.

A.9. Innovating

Level 4
Applies independent thinking and technology awareness to lead the integration of disparate concepts for the provision of unique solutions.

Level 5
Provides strategic leadership for the introduction of new concepts. Guides innovation approaches and leads the cultural change to innovation.

A.10. User Experience

Level 2
Applies digital interfaces options (web, mobile, IoT) and guidelines to achieve usability for all.

Level 3
Establishes and cultivates relationships with customers and users to understand their tasks, needs and goals. Uses specialist methods to obtain a wide range of significant user engagement.

Level 4
Provides expert guidance to ensure continuous improvement and establish a successful omni- channel user experience.

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