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EXIN Digital Service Manager Transformation

For Service Management professionals, digital is not the future – it’s the present. Digital services are crucial to the success of any business these days, even if the core product is a physical product. A recent report revealed that 90% of companies have accelerated their digital transformation process due to covid-19. However, not all organizations are at the same point in their digital journey, and not all of them move at the same speed. This is impacted by many aspects such as cultural differences, sectoral trends, risk appetite, and legacy. The needs of companies differ massively, whereas most Service Management certification programs currently available provide a ‘one size fits most’ offering. This is where the EXIN Digital Service Manager career path certification comes in. Created in mind with three unique perspectives, based on which best fits you and your organization’s own individual needs and culture.

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The Transformation perspective is focused on realizing effective digital transformation. This route is very suitable for professionals working within relatively agile organizations that are further in their digital journey and are focused on taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

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In the digital era of service management, having the right skills brings into the spotlight that no career path is average. This lack of ‘one size fitting all’ is why we created the EXIN Digital Service Manager Career Path. This certification is modern, accessible, and affordable. Most importantly, it provides a clear path for you and your organization’s digital journey.

In 10 years, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills, with more than half (54%) of all employees will require significant reskilling by 2022. (Source: World Economic Forum).

The EXIN Digital Service Manager certification provides three different routes for Service Management professionals based on three distinctive perspectives. The Optimization perspective is focused on achieving digital optimization. The Integration perspective is focused on enabling digital service integration. The Transformation perspective is focused on realizing effective digital transformation.

Career Path benefits

  • It provides three distinct routes based on three perspectives, allowing you to customize your time and money investment in the direction that best fits your needs (away with ‘one size fits most!’);
  • It provides a modern perspective on Service Management, aligned to the needs of professionals operating in the digital context;
  • It allows you to achieve an independently accessed certification from a renowned Exam Institute and to stand out from the crowd;
  • The certifications that form part of EXIN Digital Service Manager are also included in other career path certifications, offering even more possibilities to further develop your career;
  • The certification path is accessible and affordable, free of lock-in constructions, and available in multiple languages.

Become an EXIN Digital Service Manager Transformation

Realize Digital Transformation in your organization with the Transformation perspective of the EXIN Digital Service Manager career path.

Career Path Structure

All three routes to the EXIN Digital Service Manager certification start with developing a broad awareness of knowledge areas relevant to Service Management, by obtaining two Foundation level certifications. This is important to make sure that you understand the fundamental concepts of Service Management and can have a broad basis of knowledge to build further upon. You can choose which two certifications are most relevant for you, out of a number of relevant areas such as ISO/IEC 20000, SIAM™, VeriSM™, and Agile Scrum. ITIL Foundation and other approved equivalent certifications are also accepted at this level.

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation offers professionals a unique certification that combines agile principles and scrum practices. The exam tests candidates on their understanding of key concepts and their application.

EXIN SIAM™ Foundation

EXIN SIAM™ Foundation

EXIN SIAM™ Foundation tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the core principles of SIAM. This certification covers subjects including the potential benefits, challenges, and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management.

VeriSM™ Foundation

VeriSM™ Foundation

VeriSM™ Foundation is suitable both for professionals who are new to Service Management as well as those already working within Service Management.

EXIN IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000:2018

EXIN IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000:2018

EXIN IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000:2018 tests a candidate’s fundamental knowledge of key information and concepts of ITSM. The emphasis is placed on the service management system (SMS) and service management processes. Specifically the core concepts and basic terminology of ITSM based on ISO/IEC 20000:2018.

Then you move forwards to develop advanced level skills according to your chosen perspective. There is always a practical element involved at this level of certification, to ensure that you can practically apply knowledge on the work floor, as can be expected from you in the role of a Service Manager role. This also ensures that the learning is embedded. ‘Learning by doing’ is estimated to have a retention rate of 75%, compared to 10% based on reading, so this part is essential! You will not only gain knowledge of the theoretical context but will also be able to put it into practice.

VeriSM™ Professional

VeriSM™ Professional

The VeriSM™ Professional certificate is relevant for professionals operating in organizations that have the ambition to digitalize.

How do I become an EXIN Digital Service Manager Transformation?

After completing the three required certifications, you will automatically be awarded the EXIN Digital Service Manager Transformation certification. To get started, please go to the Get Certified tool and select the certification you wish to attain first. If you would like to find out more information, please contact our support team.


You can check on this file the exceptions that can be used to achieve this EXIN Career Path certification. Note that only one exception can be applied for each of the EXIN Career Path certifications.

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