DevOps for Professionals

Why should you get DevOps certified?

DevOps is becoming more popular.

DevOps is being adopted by more and more organizations worldwide. This is reflected in the increased number of vacancies available for DevOps-related roles. Getting a DevOps certification is a way to prove your skills in DevOps and make yourself eligible for the up-and-coming DevOps vacancies.

Make a switch in your career.

An EXIN DevOps certification can help give your career a new direction or help you progress to the next level in your organization. By taking a certification you not only prove your skills but also show that you are driven enough to take the reigns on your own professional development.

Get your DevOps Certification in 4 simple steps

1. Select the certification you wish to attain.

Below you can see the 3 different levels of EXIN DevOps certifications.

Prepare for the exam with training or self-study.

Depending on the exam you will have to take part in a training or do self-study as preparation.

3. Register for your exam online with EXIN Anywhere.

For both our foundation and advanced level certifications you can take your exam online.

4. Take the exam within 21 days of registering.

After you’ve registed and paid for your exam you have 21 days to sit your exam.

FIND Out More about EXIN DevOps Certifications:

This EXIN DevOps Foundation certification has been designed to give IT and business professionals basic knowledge and understanding of DevOps.
This EXIN DevOps Professional certification has been designed to give IT professionals background knowledge and understanding of essential DevOps practices.
EXIN DevOps Master is an advanced-level certification that teaches candidates a combination of principles, knowledge and practical skills.