Digital Badges

Digital badges (also known as open badges or digital credentials) allow you to showcase your achievements and receive recognition for them. In offering digital badges EXIN makes it possible to share your certification through social networks. This is not only an opportunity to show your network that you've successfully passed your EXIN exam, but it also shows potential employers the new skills you've attained and their validity. 

Each EXIN digital badge available on EXeed™ is associated with an EXIN certification. The badges contain details about the certification and the knowledge that you acquired in order to pass the exam.

If you have already passed an EXIN exam, you may be entitled to a digital badge. To find out, log in to your MyLogin account.

More about Digital Badges

Digital badges are the online equivalent of a certificate. You can share them directly on your feed on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook or add them to the ‘Licenses & Certifications’ section of your LinkedIn profile.  You can also share your EXeed™ profile, where all your badges are stored. 

All of EXIN’s badges are connected to a candidate’s personal profile. Only if a candidate has attained an EXIN exam, are they able to claim the associated digital credential. The information on each badge includes details about the issuer(s), the validity terms, and also details about certification itself. All of this can be then traced to EXIN, as an issuer.

EXeed™’s open badge system respects the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) developed by Mozilla, a framework showing how badges can be issued, collected or displayed. 

All information stored on EXeed™ is GDPR compliant. Plus, users can always control whether they want to make their profiles or badges public or not or share their information with any third parties. 

Why digital badges?

  • You can share your achievements on your LinkedIn profile or other social networks.
  • Each badge you earn is stored in the EXeed™ platform for ease of use.
  • Digital badges can be verified easily by potential employers.
  • Unlike traditional paper certificates, digital badges can't get lost or misplaced.