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EXIN is excited to be sponsoring srvision23! srvision23 is the top IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition in the Benelux. This year’s theme is all about value. Our sessions are all about how you can share value with your skills.

Where does your value make an impact? Understanding your digital (IT) skills with Astride.

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Astride by EXIN, Digital Skills Advisor
19/04/23 – 09:25, room 13




Working in the IT Service Management field requires you to have a wide and varied skill set. Service delivery, problem management, and contract management, to name only a few. In our technology-driven world, the value of digital skills is ever-increasing. But how do you know your skills are up to date? And where do you start? Contributing value starts with understanding the value of your skills, and how your organization values them. Start by identifying your skills gap, and see where you stand. Join EXIN on an exciting journey with Astride, our digital skills advisor. Astride is going to take our IT Service Management professional on a ride, showing where their strengths lie, and what areas they might wish to develop—setting a course on a learning journey of discovery.

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Will AI Steal My Job?!

Suzanne Galletly, Portfolio Director, EXIN
19/04/23 – 13:50, room 9



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at a pace which is almost impossible to keep up with, and this raises many ethical questions and produces new challenges to managing risk. But perhaps even more fundamentally, what does AI mean for the current labour market? Will us humans become superfluous in a world taken over by machines, or is there still a unique VALUE for us in this new world? And how can we make the best use of machines so that they provide SHARED VALUE for us instead of threatening us? This session explores how AI and digitisation will impact skills needs and job roles, as well as providing insights into how you can adapt your mindset in order to grasp the opportunities of AI – instead of worrying about when it will steal your job!

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Date & time 19/04/2023
09:25 - UTC +2:00
Event Tags ai, astride, Digital Skills, itsm, service management, srvision23
Location Kinepolis Jaarbeurs
3521 BC