[Webinar] How do you define flow? Key Kanban metrics for effective work visualization

With Felipe Oliveira, EXIN Kanban Subject Matter Expert

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Curious to learn more about how Kanban can work for you?

Flow is the central means to achieving success with a kanban dashboard. But how precisely can you measure this?

Many companies utilize metrics in their dashboards to define success and measure productivity. In this webinar, join Felipe Oliveira, founder of Mindset Ágil, and Subject Matter Expert for the EXIN Kanban certification program who will guide you through how this central principle of Kanban can be defined. He will also show you what metrics you can take advantage of in your organization to maximize workflow transparency and improve efficiency.

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About the speaker

Felipe Oliveira is an Agile Expert and founder of the training company Mindset Ágil, working as an Agile Coach and coordinator at Webmotors, promoting the use of agile practices to solve business problems such as people management, product management, technology and organizational processes. Most recently, he was consulted as a subject matter expert for the EXIN Kanban certification program.

Felipe has 10 years of experience in technology, working as Scrum Master, project manager, and process manager, in addition to providing training on various topics related to agility in companies such as PMG Academy, Treina Web, Faculdade Impacta, and FAAP. He’s a specialist in project management by FGV and has more than 16 management certifications. Felipe is also the co-author of various books, such as Jornada Business Agility, Jornada de Liderança, Jornada de RH, and one of the signatories to the Agile Leadership Manifesto.


Date & time 15/09/2022
16:00 - 16:45 UTC +2:00
Organizer EXIN
Location Online