Green Mill Srl.

Piazza IV Novembre
4 I-20124 MILANO (MI), Italy

Green Mill Solutions is a company with a long-term experience in consulting, coaching, training and certification interventions for the introduction of Quality and Enterprise Agility concepts in companies of any sector; this through the introduction of Processes & Practices and new working methods to make organisations more agile so to be able to face the new challenges of digital transformations and evolutions.

The relationships and professional experience gained over time working with many companies (from SMEs to multinationals) and with trade associations allow us to put in play a wide range of interventions focused on introducing the concepts of IT Quality and Enterprise Agility both in the management of Information Systems and in the organisational business processes of any type of company.

Green Mill Solutions is able to offer all the necessary knowledge and skills with a team of great professionals capable of covering the main training, consulting and coaching needs.

Green Mill Solutions’ corporate mission is to become a leader in training and consulting in IT-QUALITY and ENTERPISE AGILITY through LEADING DIGITAL EVOLUTION paths.