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Drive business decisions with the right intelligence. With our Data Analytics certification, you learn essential knowledge for aspiring data scientists and marketing & HR professionals. Start studying today and get recognized for one of the most asked-for skills in the digital job market.

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Data Analytics certification is a skill worth having:

of businesses cite the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business.(Source: Forbes)

growth in demand for composite data analytics professionals by 2030.
(Source: Forbes)

39 & 78%
of surveyed marketing & HR departments identified data analytics as their biggest skills gap.
(Source: marketingweek/

Companies with 20 – 50 employees
already have one person dedicated to understanding their data.
(Source: LinkedIn)

After you are EXIN Data Analytics certified. You will understand the concepts relating to generating a research question, collecting, cleaning, and organizing data. You will also learn the statistical methods, data mining techniques, and algorithms to help you interpret your data. Finally, you will go on to be able to generate insights for your organization by illustrating your findings in plots and graphs to present your business case with solidly backed insights.

Obtaining EXIN’s data analytics certification will equip you to turn unstructured data from sources such as Excel, python, or powerBI into structured insights that will solve business challenges.

The EXIN Data Analytics Foundation certification is developed for professionals who are aspiring to a role where analyzing data is part of their core responsibilities. More specifically:

  • data/information analysts
  • business intelligence analysts
  • data administrators/(business) information managers
  • data/analytics managers
  • data scientists

This data analytics certification is a good starting point for professionals involved in (business) operations and management in any domain, who are interested in the business benefits of data analysis and the techniques involved in it. These roles include:

  • (digital) marketing/media specialists
  • marketing/market research analysts
  • business unit/department managers
  • business analysts
  • finance professionals

A. Oliver Theobald
Data Analytics for Absolute Beginners: A Deconstructed Guide to Data Literacy
(Introduction to Data, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence & Machine Learning)
Independently published (2019)
ISBN: 9781081762469 (hardcopy)

Exam Literature Data Analytics
EXIN (2023)
Free to download. Click here.

Additional literature

C. Elizabeth Clarke
Everything Data Analytics – A Beginner’s Guide to Data Literacy: Understanding the
Processes That Turn Data Into Insights
Kenneth Michael Fornari (2022)
ISBN: 9781777967130 (hardcopy)


Key Benefits

  • Earn your digital badge and get recognized
  • Variety of study options available
  • High quality certification mapped to a recognized skills framework (e-CF)

Details & downloads

01 hour
Number of Questions:
40 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark:
Open book:
Electronic equipment allowed:
ECTS Credits:
Dutch, English, German, Portuguese
Requirements for certification:
  • Successful completion of the EXIN Data Analytics Foundation exam.