Coming May 2nd: EXIN Digital Service Manager

exin digital service manager career path launch

EXIN is proud to announce its latest career path certification at Service North and SRVISIONDAYS. This career path is a first of its kind, as it takes into account three perspectives on IT Service Management that fit your organizations’ characteristics.

In a session titled When did one size ever fit all?! Three Perspectives on (Digital) Service Management, Suzanne Galletly, Portfolio Director at EXIN with special guest Dennis Lindemans, Service Delivery Manager at CGI Nederland shared their case that one approach does not fit all organizations, as there is no such thing as average.

Digital service management is not only the future – it’s the present. This is supported by accelerating rates of digital transformation spending. However, we recognize that every organization is at a different stage in its journey. Cultural differences, sectoral trends, risk appetite, and legacy, can all have an impact.

When it comes down to certification, IT Service Management normally is placed into a ‘one size fits all’ category. We believe, however, that organizational needs differ massively.
This is why EXIN has created the EXIN Digital Service Manager certification. This unique career path certification provides three different routes for Service Management professionals based on three distinctive perspectives:

  • The Optimization perspective is focused on achieving digital optimization.


  • The Integration perspective is focused on enabling digital service integration.


  • The Transformation perspective is focused on realizing effective digital transformation.






The EXIN Digital Service Manager career path certification helps you develop the skills you need to boost your career and show that you have what it takes to be a successful Service Manager in the digital age. Get a glimpse below of what it takes to become an EXIN Digital Service Manager:

Why EXIN Digital Service Manager?

  • It provides three distinct routes based on three perspectives, allowing you to customize your time and money investment in the direction that best fits your needs (away with ‘one size fits most!’);
  • It provides a modern perspective on Service Management, aligned to the needs of professionals operating in the digital context;
  • It allows you to achieve an independently accessed certification from a renowned Exam Institute and to stand out from the crowd;
  • The certifications that form part of EXIN Digital Service Manager are also included in other career path certifications, offering even more possibilities to further develop your career;
  • The certification path is accessible and affordable, free of lock-in constructions, and available in multiple languages.

Stay tuned for the EXIN Digital Service Manager launch on May 2nd! Visit us on LinkedIn where we will be sharing additional key information over the month of April.  Are you a training provider and want to find out more about getting accredited? Contact our support team: