Erika’s Story

When I started my specializations in the Digital Law market, the work of the DPO for GDPR caught my attention and even before the LGPD came into force, I had the feeling that if I invested in this area doors would be opened, not only because of the technological market that advances every day, but also because of the equal challenges for everyone who would face the new regulations.

This is how I felt the need to seek credibility, integrity and authenticity for my career when I took the DPO Career Path with EXIN, which occupies a prominent place in Congresses, Privacy Courses, and above all, international recognition.

The EXIN certifications represented new professional opportunities in all senses. Courage, persistence and pleasure are words that sort of describe the moment I am living in. Courage to face a new world where the law communicates symbiotically with technology, a new area of discoveries and challenges. Persistence to go forward and face the challenges that the pandemic brought, and so, too, to millions of people, with the need to adapt to the online universe, considering the maximum speed of information and the new technology techniques increasingly advanced. Pleasure in doing what one likes, in studying what one is passionate about, is in fact freedom.

The freedom that the LGPD advocates a lot, in the power of choice, to be aware of decisions regarding your data, to protect the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy and the free development of the personality of the natural person. Yes, there is a much greater purpose than just law and technology. Facing privacy goes far beyond intimacy and private life, it goes over the sensitive aspects of data protection to guarantee what the LGPD expressly calls informative self-determination.

I feel that I am evolving in this new panorama that is being presented and how good it is to be able to be part of all this, as well as many here, who with their skills, professionalism, and generosity have contributed a lot for us to advance beyond the theory. This LGPD/GDPR journey transcends borders, for which I am deeply grateful for the teachings of so many excellent professionals and masters, the friends and colleagues I made during my studies and practical work.

I am extremely happy to obtain this certification, certain that the work of the DPO, in my view, does not work without a multidisciplinary team. The work is hard work, of extreme responsibility, which requires partnerships and commitment. Obtaining the certification by EXIN DPO brings the security of following the right path, of belonging to a qualified team, of professionals qualified to perform such an important job”.



Erika Mota Tocantins 

Partner at Mota Tocantins Advogados. Data Protection Officer – DPO EXIN. Specialist in Contract Law at PUC / RJ. Specialist in Public and Private Law by the School of Magistracy of the State of Rio de Janeiro – Emerj and Specialist in Business Law by UCAM – Centro. Law and New and Technologies by PUC / RJ. ANPPD® member. Member of ANADD. Expertise in consultancy and management in LGPD / GDPR data privacy