People, Process, Technology

by Luc Brandts

SIG and EXIN are joining forces to assess the full spectrum of people, process and technology for a healthier digital world.

It’s a notion as old as the IT industry itself: In order to improve IT, it’s crucial to involve all three elements of the People, Process and Technology trifecta. Countless are the books, seminars, presentations and coaching sessions where this truism is shared, many at the intersection of where abstract thoughts slowly morph into utter vagueness. All too often, the statements have little concrete meaning.

Well, we’ve changed that.

Ever since our inception in 2000, we at Software Improvement Group (SIG) have been engaged in measuring, assessing and certifying Technology and Development Processes. With that, we’ve been covering two important components of the trifecta, with hundreds of benchmarked processes and thousands of systems monitored in more than 280 different technologies. Our position in that segment of the market is exceptionally strong – leading the industry, in fact. Still, the People element was always a bit lagging. Of course, we’ve always paid plenty of attention to that aspect, but hadn’t been able to truly certify the quality of People in IT.

Until now.

I’m pleased to share that SIG has acquired EXIN, a leading independent exam and certification institute for IT and business professionals, and in doing so, we’re covering all three key elements. Since 1984, EXIN has been assessing and certifying People in IT, leading to more than two million certifications so far all over the world. (Even on Antarctica, believe it or not.) This probably makes us one of the very (!) few companies who can rightfully say: we have clients on all seven continents.

Now, we cover the entire People, Process and Technology spectrum. While EXIN, with its strong brand and global presence, will continue to operate under the EXIN brand, we will begin to leverage our SIG knowledge on Process and Technology to further strengthen the EXIN certification, while at the same time, leveraging the People certification from EXIN to help our global client base get software right for a healthier digital world.

We’re proud to have EXIN as part of Software Improvement Group, and look eagerly forward to further building our important company with a wonderful team. After all, there’s still a great deal of our digital world that needs improvement.

The importance of looking at people, process and technology became also a central theme in our recently released benchmark report in which we report on trends we see in our software analysis database as well as in our additional research to find out how developers feel supported during the pandemic and the impact on their work. Please feel free to download a complimentary copy.

About the Author

Luc Brandts Portrait

Luc Brandts is Chief Executive Officer at Software Improvement Group. He joined the company in 2018 as Chief Technology Officer to help drive international growth and technological leadership.

Luc has worked in the information technology industry since 1994 when he founded his company, BWise. He served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, and together with Robert Pijselman, grew it to become a recognized global market leader in the risk management and compliance space. Following the acquisition of BWise by Nasdaq, Luc assumed the role of Chief Strategy Officer for the company’s risk management practice.

Throughout his career, he has also held various board member and investor roles.

Luc holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Eindhoven.