EXIN and CIE: a Partnership on Certification as a Service (CaaS)


Image showing EXIN and CIE logos with the one year partnership anniversary statement on CaaS - Certification as a Service.

Since 2020, EXIN has offered Certification as Service (CaaS) to the market. With 40 years of certification experience and global recognition in the digital field, EXIN has always provided increasing value to different parties through top-notch certification programs.

In January 2022, EXIN reached an essential agreement with the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) on Certification as Service (CaaS) regarding the CIE Junior Robotics Test System Certification Program. Such an agreement created a certification that includes a multi-level certification program that includes Robotics, Software Programming, Electronic Technology, 3D Creative Design, and UAV Technology. EXIN provides international recognition of the CIE Junior Robotics Test System Certification Program by issuing international certification with a digital badge. EXIN’s role has been to recognize this certification internationally, therefore allowing CIE students, parents, schools, and future employers to validate the certification at EXIN.

In this article, we want to thank the CIE for the great collaboration we’ve had so far – and stress the importance and benefits of the CaaS – Certification as a Service for companies and agencies in various industries – not only the digital one.


About the CIE Junior Robotics Test System Certification Program

The Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) Junior Robotics Test System Certification is a certification program for students interested in robotics who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this field. The certification program is aimed at junior high school and senior high school students, and it is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of robotics and its applications.

The certification measures students’ knowledge of robotics concepts, including robotics’ hardware and software, programming, sensors, and actuators. It also assesses students’ practical skills in designing, building, and testing robots. This certification comprises different levels and topics through which candidates can fully demonstrate their vast knowledge of the subject.

The CIE Junior Robotics Test System Certification is a valuable credential for students interested in pursuing a career in robotics or a related field. It demonstrates students’ knowledge and skills to colleges and universities, which can be beneficial when applying for admission or scholarships.

Overall, the CIE Junior Robotics Test System Certification allows students to gain recognition for their knowledge and robotics skills. It can help them stand out from their peers when applying for higher education or employment opportunities.


CaaS – Certification as a Service

The term Certification as a Service (CaaS) refers to a delivery model for certification services in which an organization outsources the administration and management of its certification program to a third-party provider. This service can encompass a variety of tasks, including exam development and administration, candidate registration, certification maintenance, and reporting.


The benefits of Certification as a Service

CaaS enables organizations to focus on their core business while outsourcing the management of their certification program to an expert in the field. This can provide significant benefits, including:

  1. Increase the value and recognition of the certification;
  2. Increased efficiency of operations;
  3. Improved quality of the certification process;
  4. Additionally, CaaS providers typically have the infrastructure and expertise to handle large-scale certification programs, which can be a challenge for organizations that need more resources to manage these programs in-house.

CaaS is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including information technology, healthcare, and finance, among others. It is particularly relevant for organizations that want to establish or maintain a certification program but need internal resources or expertise.

Overall, Certification as a Service is a flexible and cost-effective solution for organizations that want to provide certification to their employees or customers. It offers a range of benefits over traditional certification models.


About the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE)

The Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) is a professional organization in China that represents the electronics industry and the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Founded in 1956, CIE focuses on promoting the development and advancement of electronics and ICT in China. The organization provides services and support for its members, including enterprises, research institutes, and academic organizations.

The main activities of CIE include:

  1. Conducting research and development;
  2. Providing training and certification services;
  3. Promoting international cooperation;
  4. Organizing academic conferences and exhibitions.

CIE also encourages the developing and applying electronics and ICT technologies in various industries, including telecommunications, information technology, and energy.

The Chinese Institute of Electronics plays a crucial role in supporting and advancing China’s electronics and ICT industry. It also widely serves as a bridge between industry, academia, and the government.

For more information about EXIN and CIE CaaS, contact us at info.china@exin.com or visit our Chinese website at https://www.exinchina.cn/.