DevOps: Promoting cultural change

How can leadership initiate cultural change to fully benefit?

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Many of us are technically capable of achieving great things. Software has allowed us to develop remarkable new solutions to problems that we previously thought were unsolvable. I’m sure you’ve probably heard enough about ChatGPT by now. It shows us just what lines of code are capable of.

Central to developing software is DevOps. The benefits of DevOps have been reaped by various organizations globally, speeding up development life cycles and improving processes from start to finish.

However, it is not all smooth sailing. DevOps requires organization-wide buy-in to be fully utilized. As it is a set of principles your team must follow, everyone must believe in them. 75% of DevOps practitioners reported siloed team culture as a barrier to success. This belief is reported across many State of DevOps reports. Cultural change is needed for DevOps to succeed. Promoting cultural change, on the other hand, requires an entirely different skill set in comparison to hard technical skills. Soft skills are needed.

But this process can be very abstract. You need concrete guidance on where to begin. This is why EXIN is launching its brand new video series – reEXamine.

This video series is your gateway to the biggest challenges of learning the most relevant approaches and frameworks in the digital skills space. We look at the current, past, and future of various methodologies that push your organization forward.

We’re starting off with DevOps leadership. So how exactly can you encourage cultural change in your organization? In our first video, we ask Arjan van den Poel to find out. Arjan is the CEO and founder of Suerte Academy and has worked on countless digital transformation projects, consulting on DevOps training and implementation for various large organizations in the Netherlands and across the globe. Arjan and Suzanne Galletly, Portfolio Director at EXIN, cover three key tips a DevOps leader needs to succeed:

  1. Use your position to encourage a generative organizational culture.
  2. Take steps to encourage and promote collaboration organization-wide.
  3. Embrace a transformational leadership style.

Want to find out more? Watch our video below to view the full discussion!

Ready to get started?

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