Astride by EXIN, the digital skills gap-assessment tool reaches 3000 assessments

Astride Insights Reports have reached a new milestone this week. Guiding professionals in over 160 countries in just 5 months.

Astride header image 3000 completions

MAR 6, 2022, UTRECHTEXIN, a leading independent examination institute, has this week reached a new milestone. Astride, a free digital competencies assessment tool has recently reached a significant milestone of over 3000 assessment completions in more than 160 countries worldwide.

Since its launch in October 2022, Astride has helped countless IT professionals better understand their digital skills level and experience. Astride covers a wide range of topics, from basic digital literacy to advanced technical skills, allowing individuals to identify their strengths and improvement areas.

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How does it work?

  • First, Astride asks a series of questions in key areas based on the recognized European Competency Framework (e-CF).
  • The proprietary software gathers the information and processes it.
  • Then, a custom-tailored Astride Insights Report is produced.
    The tool evaluates competencies and compares them with equivalent job roles. By focusing on 42 primary competencies, and 30 job roles, the tool is a tremendous asset for companies to identify organization-wide skills performance.

Wouter Knigge, EXIN & SIG CTO is pleased to see the traction Astride has gained, remarking:

“The shortage of tech personnel is the most pressing issue for our industry. Something we need to sort out for the benefit of all. It is amazing how fast we are able to have an impact on the market by reaching 3000+ professionals in under 5 months across the globe. We are helping professionals get their bearings on what skills they already have, and the direction they should focus their learning on. There is tremendous opportunity here to help bridge the gap”.

About EXIN
We are EXIN, an independent examination institute focusing on competencies required in the digital world. We offer an end-to-end solution for certifying professionals. Since 2022, we now engage in the skills-gap assessment space with our latest tool, Astride by EXIN. We are proud to be part of the Software Improvement Group (SIG). SIG focuses on assessing and certifying IT Processes and Technology, we have our focus on People. EXIN – certified for what’s next.

We look forward to helping you in your global certification and accreditation efforts.

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