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If you work within IT or operations, the term Kanban has likely popped up a few times throughout your career. So, many would argue that it is a tried-and-true method.

Kanban was conceptualized initially 70 years ago for just-in-time manufacturing. In the past 20 years, its use has spread. Kanban is present across various disciplines, such as software and product development and IT operations. Kanban has even shifted to business operations, such as HR and Marketing teams.

Central to Kanban’s focus is Continuous Improvement, something we can all relate to. It has even merged with the worlds of Agile and Scrum, with Kanban boards sharing a lot of overlap with Scrum boards. Software development teams, for example, can align their Work in Progress (WIP) with their work capacity, in a similar fashion to a factory by matching their inventory levels to manufacturing capacity. The key idea remains the same: improving efficiency and productivity, showing why Kanban still endures over 70 years later.

At EXIN, we’ve seen that the world moves fast nowadays. We certify professionals in a wide range of subjects in the IT domain, constantly changing our scope to align with our belief in life-long learning. We started with traditional IT service management. With the introduction of ITIL certifications almost 30 years ago, we expanded into other disciplines such as Agile & Scrum and emerging technologies such as Blockchain. In modern times marked by the increased adoption of agile projects and digital transformation, on the other hand, the basic principles of Kanban remain the same. Simply because its goals to visualize workflow and, in turn, improve productivity remains a staple of defining successful work. This is why EXIN has created the EXIN Kanban Foundation certification, launching today!

This all-new certification from EXIN validates your knowledge of the tried-and-true principles of Kanban. Our latest addition to our Agile, DevOps & Lean portfolio ties in nicely with Agile Scrum, Lean, and Six Sigma. What’s more, you can even take your first step towards becoming an EXIN Digital Service Manager. What are the benefits, you ask? See below to find out more!

Benefits of Kanban

✓ Workflow visualization leads to increased productivity
✓ Visualising work enables bottlenecks to be quickly spotted
✓ Defining Work in Progress reduces work overload

Why get certified?

Transferrable knowledge – Kanban practices are utilized in Agile and Scrum, Lean, and Six Sigma
✓ Earn a sharable Digital Badge to showcase your achievement
✓ 55% of candidates earned a pay increase within 3 months of being certified*

Become one of the first candidates to discover EXIN Kanban Foundation and get certified for what’s next. Visualize and define successful work in your organization today!

Are you a trainer, or do you belong to a training organization? Then, reach out to our support team today and see how you can become accredited for EXIN Kanban!

*According to 2021 Pearson Vue state of IT certification report

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