Giuliano’s Story

What motivated you to choose EXIN?

One of the great motivators that made me choose EXIN was the desire to certify my knowledge, in technological and management subjects, with the same content applied in any other country, obtaining worldwide certification recognition.

Which program(s) did you do?

EXIN’s Career Path comes with a set of complementary knowledge, which validate a professional in specific competencies to perform some key functions in the corporate world, such as EXIN DTO (Digital Transformation Officer). To achieve it, it is necessary to have certifications in current and emerging technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain added to the VeriSM Professional (Service Management for the Digital Age)*, an advanced level certification with mandatory practices. I am certified in five career paths, totaling 18 certificates in total with EXIN. The exams are not easy and require a deep knowledge of the subject, challenging the candidate to have theoretical knowledge and practical experience in using it in the corporate world.

How did the certifications contribute to your career?

The qualifications were of great value to my resume and professional profile. I am constantly requested to be part of companies, startups, and fintechs, with the objective of adapting the digital reality and generating value to products/services offered to the market. I also receive invitations to give training and speak at conferences. For all this I affirm: “Investing in knowledge is never closing the door to the future”.


Giuliano Forlin

Brazilian, living in Porto – Portugal, 39 years old, IT Entrepreneur for 20 years, Graduated in Systems Analysis, MBA in Management, Innovation and Leadership, Postgraduate in Digital Security, Governance and Data Management, with more than 47 certifications in Technology and Management in different global institutions.