Koichrio’s story

Why did you choose to get certified with EXIN?

My company was facing two key challenges:

Firstly, in-house IT services were being increasingly supported by a variety of external multiple service providers. Having multiple external providers created a need for improved coordination and integration of IT services.

Secondly, a company-wide digital transformation program was about to launch which required not only to apply new technologies but also to apply new management approaches and enhance digital capability at an organizational level.

When I was searching for a good way to learn about relevant systematic and pragmatic knowledge, a service management consultant introduced me to EXIN SIAM™ and VeriSM™, and after review, they felt fit for purpose.

What value did the certification bring you?

While digital transformation programs tend to focus on the application of new technologies and solutions, EXIN VeriSM™ Professional provided me a perspective and a mindset shift to think about change and the strengthening of business operation models and management practices in a well-balanced manner. Equally, EXIN SIAM Foundation gave me an awareness of how to change our current single-provider service management structures to comply with a multi-service provider environment. As a result of the knowledge learned through these certifications, my perception of the challenges I faced became clearer.

Why should others get certified with EXIN?

I recommend others to get certified with EXIN, especially for those who are looking for the tools to change and improve their current service management practices systematically. EXIN courses are good for those who want to broaden their knowledge about a particular topic, and getting certified in it improves this even further.  My recommendation can be summarized in two points:

  • The contents of the certifications are systematic and pragmatic. This provides useful references for further study.
  • EXIN’s line-up of certifications is in line with the digital age.


Koichiro Motobayashi

I have over 30 years of experience working in a Japanese electric component manufacturing company and have held positions in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Management(Process / System Design)
  • Business Process Management (IT, SCM, Quality Assurance) overseeing the Pan-China region
  • IT Strategy and BPR
  • Planning next-generation Supply Chain Systems and Digital Platforms