Shaping the future of upskilling and SIAM at SRVision24

Catch EXIN at SRVision2024 on 17th April, 2024 at Heeswijk Dinther, The Netherlands.

EXIN is proud to sponsor SRVision25, the Benelux region’s leading IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition held on April 17, 20924 at Heeswijk Dinther, The Netherlands.

This year’s theme is upskilling and bridging the gap between the old and the new, promising to deliver cutting-edge insights and innovations.

EXIN believes in empowering individuals and organizations with the skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. We are excited to present two sessions at SRVision 2024 that focus on creating value through skill-sharing. The first session will be a roundtable conference.

Roundtable conference: Which skills do I need in a world of AI?

This discussion aims to address the crucial question of how individuals can prepare themselves for the transformative impact of AI on the workforce. Industry experts will lead this discussion and provide invaluable insights into the skills and competencies that will be in high demand in the upcoming years.

Session #2: Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: How can SIAM help us prepare for Industry 5.0?


As we approach the fifth industrial revolution, where humans will work alongside advanced technology and AI-powered robots, it will bring significant implications for the economy. There will be an increased focus on resilience, sustainability, and human-centric aspects. In this new phase, you’ll learn:

  1. How can SIAM (Service Integration and Management) help us prepare?
  2. Which aspects of SIAM align well with this paradigm?
  3. How can it help us bridge the gap between the old and new worldview?

To address these questions and more, a panel discussion will be held featuring industry experts and recognized thought leaders such as Claire Agutter, Ronald Israels, and Harriette Blaauboer. Moderating this esteemed panel will be Suzanne Galletly, Digital Skills Director at EXIN.

At EXIN, we understand the significance of continuous learning and adaptation in the face of technological innovation. That’s why we are committed to supporting initiatives like SRVision, which promote knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the industry. We invite all attendees to join us for what promises to be an enlightening and inspiring event.

As we move into the future, let’s embrace the opportunities that AI presents while ensuring that we stay grounded in our human-centric values. Together, we can shape a future where technology serves to enhance our lives and empowers us to reach new heights of success.

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