e-Competences Areas B. BUILD

The e-CF competence area BUILD is one of the three core competence areas. It involves you getting stuck in with making the IT product itself, to develop, test, and integrate. This competence area subsequently involves a lot of hard skills to ensure your IT solution gets off the ground.

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What Competencies are covered in BUILD? ↓

B.1. Application Development

Level 1
Acts under guidance to develop, test, and document applications.

Level 2
Systematically develops and validates applications.

Level 3
Acts creatively to develop applications and to select appropriate technical options. Accounts for other development activities. Optimizes application development, maintenance, and performance by employing design patterns and by reusing proven solutions.

B.2. Component Integration

Level 2
Acts systematically to identify compatibility of software and hardware specifications. Documents all activities during installation and records deviations and remedial activities.

Level 3
Accounts for own and others’ actions in the integration process. Complies with appropriate standards and change control procedures to maintain integrity of the overall system functionality and reliability.

Level 4
Exploits wide-ranging specialist knowledge to create a process for the entire integration cycle, including the establishment of internal standards of practice. Provides leadership to marshal and assign resources for programs of integration.

B.3. Testing

Level 1
Performs simple tests in strict compliance with detailed instructions.

Level 2
Organizes test programs and builds scripts to stress test potential vulnerabilities. Records and reports outcomes providing analysis of results.

Level 3
Exploits specialist knowledge to supervise complex testing programs. Ensures tests and results are documented to provide input to subsequent process owners such as designers, users or maintainers. Accountable for compliance with testing procedures, including a documented audit trail.

B.4. Solution Deployment

Level 1
Removes or installs components under guidance and in accordance with detailed instructions.

Level 2
Acts systematically to build or deconstruct system elements. Identifies failing components and establishes root cause failures. Provides support to less experienced colleagues.

Level 3
Accounts for own and others’ actions for solution provision and initiates comprehensive communication with stakeholders. Exploits specialist knowledge to influence solution construction providing advice and guidance.

B.5. Documentation Production

Level 1
Uses and applies standards to define documents structure.

Level 2
Ensures that documentation is complete, correct and provided in a suitable place and format.

Level 3
Adapts the level of detail to meet the needs of the targeted population.

B.6. Systems Engineering

Level 3
Ensures interoperability of the system components. Exploits wide-ranging specialist knowledge to create a digital infrastructure that will satisfy the system constraints and meet the customer’s expectations.

Level 4
Handles complexity by developing standard procedures and architectures in support of cohesive product development. Establishes a set of system requirements that will guide the design of the digital infrastructure. Identifies which system requirements and which functions should be allocated to which elements of the system and/or layers of the infrastructure.

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