The Preparation Material for the exams is improved regularly. These improvements result in changes in the downloadable material on the EXIN website and Partnernet. Preparation Material for new products is uploaded on the website as soon as it is available. The renewed/new documents for January 2018 are:

Agile Scrum Master update:

  • The French versions of the updated Preparation Guide (website) and Sample Exam (Partnernet) are available. The sample exam contains now the full set of 40 questions. The other changes are described in the English Change Document.


SIAM Professional update:

  • This certification will be released in February. The Preparation Guide, Practical Assignments and a Case Study are already available in the Downloads section on Partnernet.


Practical Assignments News:

  • As a next step in our process to give responsibility to the party that actually performs the activities, Portfolio and Program Management have decided to change the position of the Practical Assignments. Although Practical Assignments are and remain a mandatory part of most of our advanced certifications we will leave the responsibility of how to fill that requirement, to the training provider. They are the experts in training and coaching their students to the right level. Trainings are short nowadays and trainers want to use their time to the benefit of their students. The Practical Assignments document is a help and an example for the training provider. It contains the relevant exam specifications and related sample assignments. They can also use the checklists to help them in their observations, if they want to. Trainers can use these sample assignments, change them, create their own (based on the exam specifications in the document), or make use of a game or simulation. With the self-declaration in the accreditation process, the training provider also confirms that they meet the requirement of including practical assignments on the right level in their training. The evidence of training received by the student is evidence of successful performance in the assignments.


DMI Update:

  • In the second week of January, EXIN added DMI exams to the certifications that are available via EXIN Anywhere. This means that eLearning partners and training organizations can now let their candidates take their DMI exam online and in the comfort of their own home. As a result, EXIN partners can give their candidates a voucher code which enables them to plan their own exam and take it via Online Proctoring.


VeriSM™ Update:

  • The VeriSM™ sample exams for Foundation, Essentials and Plus are now available in PDF format on the product pages of these modules.


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