Siddharth’s Story

I chose EXIN to get certified because EXIN certifications are accepted worldwide and have been well researched and structured. This is something that I always insist on when considering a global certification institute, and EXIN is one I can rely upon anytime. Their content is also not static but keeps getting updated following the market trends and inputs.

Before you get certified, it’s important that you don’t only look at the destination but also at what you learn during the journey towards it. This is what I always focus on. Attaining a certification gives professionals an extra perspective through which they can learn what is happening and what is possible in a domain. Since the certifications are created under the guidance of subject matter experts worldwide, you always get the best extract of that domain.

The advantage of taking an exam with EXIN is that it’s forward-thinking. In other words, their programs are not created reactively to the market demands but are proactively made to prepare you for what the market could evolve towards in the next years. On top of this, their portfolio is extensive, meaning there is something for everyone and every domain.


Siddharth Pareek

Siddharth is currently the vice president of consulting and leading a DevOps Center of Excellence practice for a European bank. He is a digital evangelist known for DevOps and cloud transformation, primarily for the banking and finance industries. He’s an enterprise agile and lean coach focused on improving functional and financial results through the adoption of cultural mindset change. He has co-authored a whitepaper on global digital skills and writes on multiple topics, in particular about IoT, BigData, and Blockchain.