Atul’s Story

Atul's experience with EXIN Career Path

The thing I like the most about EXIN is the different Career Path certifications, which help you by providing a clearly defined path towards the next step in your professional career. I chose the Digital Transformation Officer path, as it was the most relevant for a Service Management professional who is handling transitions and transformations in the digital world. Recently I received the Certified Digital Transformation Officer badge, which was a very proud moment for me. And because EXIN has such a wide variety of certifications, including in Service Management, Digital Technologies, and many others, I can regularly update my skillset with them!

These certifications have added a significant amount of value to my career. A recent example is my VeriSM certification. It helped me get a 360-degree view on handling digital transformation using tools such as the Management Mesh. Similarly, my Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence certifications helped give me a perspective of digital technologies.

All of these certifications helped me to be better prepared to handle digital disruption and transformation. As a professional, it has also helped me take on larger assignments, which resulted in me receiving multiple awards from various prestigious CIO forums.

As for why other people should pick EXIN to get certified, I have my reasons, but the most important point is in developing T-shaped professionals. The digital world needs more T-shaped professionals instead of I-shaped professionals, and the different EXIN career paths help you with the journey towards this.

Atul Anand

Atul Anand is a certified Digital Transformational leader who has led multiple digital transformations during his 15 years of working with multinationals. He is also mentoring various start-ups due to his passion for contributing back to society. He is a contributor to the EXIN Blockchain certification and has attained this certification himself and more than 70 others across topics including AI, Cloud Computing, VeriSM, and DevOps. Atul is passionate about learning as a continuous journey and believes in always upgrading his skills to keep up with the changing technology trends.