Tech & Mobile Savviness

Mobile technology has become a business essential as we expect to connect with others anytime, anywhere. To exploit this, companies are undergoing digital transformation to create new business models. They are able to meet their customers’ needs by using innovative technologies such as Cloud Computing and OpenStack.  Organizations need to find their competitive advantage to make the most of these new developments. They do this by hiring skilled IT professionals that have a sound understanding of the cloud, data center principles and testing. Only then can they respond with future-focused solutions that have minimal business impact.

Below you can find the exams EXIN offers in the area of Tech & Mobile Savviness.

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation
EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is a certification that tests candidates on the basics of Cloud Computing. This vendor-neutral qualification includes...
TMap® Suite Test Engineer
The EXIN TMap® Suite Test Engineer certification teaches candidates how tests must be prepared, specified and executed. It covers the...