ITIL V3 2011 Certification 


There are 5 different levels of certification based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library body of knowledge.  


Which ITIL Certifications? 

The ITIL certification scheme features foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert and master levels. The certifications follow different formats – from Foundation which is a 40-question multiple choice exam to the Master where you must demonstrate how you have implemented ITIL practices. 


ITIL Certification Levels

Fig. 1 – The hierarchy of ITIL certifications.  


The original certifications based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library were developed in partnership by EXIN and ISEB (the British Computer Society) in 1993. EXIN co-developed the original Foundation, Practitioner and Management certifications and were one of the Examination Institutes that offered ITIL examinations until 2017 when Axelos, the owners of the scheme, gave the exclusive rights to certify professionals to a single examination institute. 


Building on ITIL and other Service Management practices 

The domain of IT and IT Service Management is developing every day as a result of digitalization and digital transformation in all kinds of industries. This has led to a huge number of approaches, frameworks and best practices being used and applied throughout organizations. One of the most complex aspects of this is the fact that numerous of these methods can be applied for different purposes. VeriSM™ is an approach for the digital age that offers a way to combine previously acquired ITSM knowledge (for example ITIL or COBIT) with emerging technologies (IoT, Big Data etc). In this respect, VeriSM offers an opportunity to make the most of your previous investments whilst at the same time making your management approach more future proof. 


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