What do others say about EXIN?

Over the course of our 38-year history, EXIN has certified millions of professionals across the world.
Although we could tell you all about the benefits of our certifications, we think it's better you hear it from the professionals themselves!

Siddharth Pareek

"I chose EXIN to get certified because EXIN certifications are accepted worldwide and have been well researched and structured. This is something that I always insist on when considering a global certification institute, and EXIN is one I can rely upon anytime. Their content is also not static but keeps getting updated following the market trends and inputs."
Siddhart Pareek

Mamoru Kato

"I noticed that the EXIN certifications cover best practices in IT Service Management. Furthermore, I discovered that they cover many other best practice frameworks, such as Agile Scrum."
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Agile Scrum banner

What they say about EXIN Agile Scrum:

Anita Vijay Myana

"My knowledge in Agile Scrum became expert level with EXIN’s comprehensive syllabus in Agile and Scrum courses, specifically EXIN Agile Scrum Master and EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner. The Career Path was especially challenging, but well-structured so it was easy to follow.

I would definitely recommend getting certified with EXIN as these courses will help the candidates get the required skillsets to perform in their job roles."
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Exin Digital Transformation Officer

What they say about EXIN Digital Transformation Officer:

Giuliano Forlin

"The qualifications were of great value to my resume and professional profile. I am constantly requested to be part of companies, startups, and fintechs, with the objective of adapting the digital reality and generating value for products/services offered to the market. I also receive invitations to give training and speak at conferences. For all this, I affirm: "Investing in knowledge is never closing the door to the future".
Giuliano Forlin

Atul Anand

The thing I like the most about EXIN is the different Career Path certifications, which help you by providing a clearly defined path toward the next step in your professional career. I chose the Digital Transformation Officer path, as it was the most relevant for a Service Management professional who is handling transitions and transformations in the digital world.

All of these certifications helped me to be better prepared to handle digital disruption and transformation. As a professional, it has also helped me take on larger assignments, which resulted in me receiving multiple awards from various prestigious CIO forums.
Atul Anand
EXIN Data Protection Officer banner

What they say about EXIN Data Protection Officer:

Erika Mota Tocantins

"The EXIN certifications represented new professional opportunities in all senses. Courage, persistence and pleasure are words that sort of describe the moment I am living in.

Obtaining the certification by EXIN DPO brings the security of following the right path, of belonging to a qualified team, of professionals qualified to perform such an important job."
Erika Mota Tocantins testimonial

Rivanildo Santos

"The EXIN DPO Career Path is a very well-designed training, brilliantly covering the fundamentals of Information Security based on ISO 27001 (ISFS) and Privacy and Data Protection (PDPF), and complete with advanced training on Privacy and Data Protection, which includes the execution of a practical assignment (PDPP).

The EXIN DPO Career Path contributed a lot to my career, resulting in me giving greater contributions in the execution of workshops and lectures not only in Brazil, but also in Portugal."
Rivanildo Santos testimonial
EXIN Service Integration Manager banner

What they say about EXIN Service Integration Manager:

Balkrishna Shirgaonker

"EXIN has a clear strategy when it comes to defining clear learning paths. They come up with new materials which are in sync with industry requirements.

Being certified as an EXIN Service Integration Manager advanced my capabilities as a service management professional. Furthermore, I was able to utilize my past experience in Service Management which helped me to progress further in Service Integration and Management."
Balkrishna Shirgaonker testimonial

Vipin Bhardwaj

The reason I choose EXIN is that they are one of the leading providers of certifications globally. The EXIN portfolio offers a lot of variety in terms of the domains and knowledge regarding Service Management and Emerging Technologies.

I personally chose to get a Service Integration and Management (SIAM®) certification because I wanted to enhance my knowledge and implement this methodology in my department. Handling multiple vendors enables you to shift your focus from service delivery to your customers and sort out issues with the different vendor communities.
Vipin Bhardwaj testimonial

Koichiro Motobayashi

"My company was facing two key challenges: firstly, in-house IT services were being increasingly supported by a variety of external multiple service providers. Having multiple external providers created a need for improved coordination and integration of IT services. Secondly, a company-wide digital transformation program was about to launch which required not only to apply new technologies but also new management approaches and enhance digital capability at an organizational level.
When I was searching for a good way to learn about relevant systematic and pragmatic knowledge, a service management consultant introduced me to EXIN SIAM® and VeriSM®, and after review, they felt fit for the purpose."
Koichiro Motobayashi testimonial
EXIN VeriSM™ banner

What they say about EXIN VeriSM®:

Kyu Hioki

"I was interested in service management in the digital age while doing Digital Optimization in my work, and that’s when I found about VeriSM®. I wanted to systematically learn a service management approach that can flexibly respond to the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) era we are currently in, so I decided to take the EXIN certification.

My certification as a VeriSM® Professional has provided me with a systematic knowledge of VeriSM®, a service management approach for the digital age. It is a value-driven approach that views service management from an end-to-end business perspective."
Kyu Hioki testimonial

Koji Ogawa & Yoichi Ito

"In many Japanese companies, "Digital Experience (DX)" is discussed frequently. While these companies advocate for DX, in reality, only Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been implemented. Perhaps only Marketing Automation has gone as far as being introduced in some businesses, these situations in my opinion are far from true Digital Experience.

Therefore, by learning VeriSM®, we learned what DX was and what was necessary to implement it. In addition to this, we organized ourselves around the idea of how to promote DX from a data analysis point of view."
Koji Ogawa & Yoichi Ito testimonial

Daiki Sato

"In the DX & IoT Solution Department, we support corporate customers in realizing their digital transformation strategies. Recently, the term digital transformation has become popular worldwide, but there is no clear definition, and I felt that people have different ways of understanding it. Therefore, in order to learn the correct knowledge of what digital transformation is and what knowledge is necessary to realize digital transformation, I attended the VeriSM® Foundation training course and took the exam in March 2021."
Daiki Sato testimonial