Rohit’s Story

After an impressive stint of 7 plus years in IT Infrastructure, I went back to running my own business in my hometown Patna. But after four years, I decided to go back to where I belong which is IT Service Management. But by then, i.e., in the year 2013, there had been many changes in the IT Job market, and companies were looking for only seasoned candidates with relevant experience and qualifications.

I tried from pillar to post to find a job by updating my resume on job portals, sharing it with my ex-IT colleagues and appearing in interviews for all possible roles. For two months or more, I was unable to crack any job interviews. In all my discussions with interviewers, I failed to elaborate upon the context in today’s time on how IT service delivery and customer satisfaction can be improved, how utilization of resources can be improved with a reduction in costs, and how to have better management of business risks and service disruption.

After many discussions with my ex-Managers and colleagues from the IT Industry, I discovered that to bridge this gap I needed to go for EXIN accredited training and certifications in ITSM. It brought a breath of fresh air in my responses to interviews, as I was able to visualize the problems organizations are facing in new light.  Within a month, I could start my 2nd stint in IT as Associate Operations Manager in a US Based MNC in Bangalore.

It did not stop here, and I continued to upgrade my arsenal with more of EXIN training and certifications in the ITSM domain. Soon the recognition and appreciation poured in from internal senior stakeholders and esteemed customers, as evident from the recommendations found in my LinkedIn profile. Just in two years, I moved on to join the world’s most prominent telecom company as Service Transition Manager, again stitching ITSM processes together for enterprise customers and enabling the Operations team to handle and support the new customer seamlessly.

If I look back to the year 2013 when I started my 2nd stint in IT Infrastructure Support, it is not just my salary which has doubled today, but my ability to withstand and lead in this ever-changing IT domain has increased manifold, and the credit goes to EXIN. As we say learning never stops – and thanks to EXIN again, I am looking forward to going for new Certifications, especially in the area of handling digital transformation viz. VeriSM.

Rohit Singh, Transition Manager, India